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Markley & Partners

Laser Center manufactured a laser complex, which included MiniMarker 2 laser marking system and a mini conveyor belt for pens.

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Markley & Partners has been working in the souvenir market with corporate customers and advertising agencies since 2004. The company performs branding using pad printing methods - 10,000 items per day, UV printing - 7,000 and engraving - 3,000.

The main task was to create a system for quick marking of pens with different information on each of them.

The results:

The results:

Specialists of the Laser Center have developed a special complex based on the Minimarker 2 laser system with a modular conveyor for automatic pen feeding.

Products moving on the conveyor are tracked by an optical sensor. The sensor sends a signal to the laser when the object to be marked enters the marking area.

The information that is marked by the laser is set by the program. It can be an inscription or an image.

The applied information can be the same for the entire batch of products, and can also change automatically.

Video presentation of laser system with modular automatic pen feed conveyor.

Conveyor for automatic laser engraving of pens with preset information

The result was:

Ручки с лазерной гравировкой

Ручки с лазерной гравировкой

Versatility of MiniMarker 2 systems

MiniMarker2 laser system can also be used for marking other types of advertising and souvenir products, including for circular engraving with rotary devices.

Дополнительное применение

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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