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Kukmara Metalware Factory

Lacer Center manufactures a laser complex with two TurboMarker laser systems for simultaneous marking of the product from 2 sides.

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Kukmara Metalware Factory produces cast aluminum utensils with GREBLON® NewTec and TITANIUM PRO non-stick coating, bakeware, items for recreation and tourism under KUKMARA trademark.

The laser marking method was chosen by the management to increase the attractiveness of the products and to bring them in line with modern norms and foreign standards.

For Kukmara Metalware Factory, the specialists of Laser Center manufactured a laser complex that included two TurboMarker laser marking systems. According to the specifications, this unit was supposed to mark the product simultaneously from different sides without any additional movement of the product.

The results:

The result was:

As a result of the collaboration of Laser Center specialists and Kukmara Metalware Factory, numerous test tests were carried out.

Based on the test results, technical parameters were agreed on, and Laser Center developed a unit with two laser systems, which could mark items in two planes both separately and simultaneously.

The complex included two TurboMarker systems with a power of 50 and 20 W.

Maxigraf software simultaneously controls both systems.

In this video, we describe the work of a laser complex with two laser emitters, which mark the items simultaneously in different planes:

Video review:

Review of Kukmara General Manager:

Republic of Tatarstan
Kukmorsky district
Kukmara Metalware Factory OJSC

To the CEO of Laser Center LLC
Gorniy S.G.

Dear Sergey Georgievich!

Kukmara Metalware Factory OJSC expresses gratitude to your company for the laser marking complex based LMS TurboMarker delivered to us in May 2018.

With the help of the abovementioned equipment, which includes laser marking systems TurboMarker-B50 and TurboMarker-B20, we mark pur products in two planes, both separately and simultaneously. The complex's software provides simultaneous control of two scanning heads (automatic movement to a given focal length and marking depending on the range of items).

Marking of our items contributes to their attractiveness, targeting and promotion in the market. The possible productivity of the system vastly surpasses the current volume of production.

During the operation, there were no system failures. It has been working soundly both in terms of marking itself, and in terms of movement and adjustment of marking heads.

A clear supporting point when choosing your company as a supplier was a competent and prompt solution to any issue, both when conducting tests and providing commercial and technical information, as well as during training, commissioning and delivery. Special thanks to Loginov Anatoly Vitalievich for his responsiveness and conscientious attitude to his duties.

We look forward to further cooperation.

Regards and best wishes

General Manager Zagidullin A.Y.

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