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Scandart barcode scanners

Scandart micro barcode scanners

In addition to the barcodes of standard sizes, laser systems of the Laser Center can apply microbarcodes, which are fractions of a millimeter in size.

Scandart-20R1 scanner has been developed by the Laser Center to quickly and conveniently read these barcodes.

This is the first system in Russia for scanning DPM barcodes on highly reflective metals and alloys.

Working with Scandart

Working with Scandart

  • The operator brings the scanner to the product
  • The scanner reads the barcode and makes a beeping sound
  • The information read from the barcode appears on the computer screen
  • All information is input into the computer in keyboard emulation mode
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Scandart is easy to use

  • Scans more than 500 items per hour
  • Connects to PC directly via USB
  • Reads barcodes from polished surfaces

Scandart is easy to use Scans more than 500 items per hour

Sсandart is recommended by the State Integrated Information System for

Control over the Circulation of Precious Metals and Precious Stones,

is certified and tested on over 7,000 products


We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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