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NEVA autonomous air exhaust and purification systems

The NEVA 500 air exhaust system is a high-performance filtration unit with an increased volume of activated carbon and a large filter capacity, designed to be connected to one or two hoses.

The model is small in size, has a low noise level, and a dust tray. The suction force can be adjusted and the system can be turned on and off externally.

NEVA 500 provides air exhaust from the laser processing area and its subsequent purification from smoke, odors and products of combustion.

This air exhaust system allows to use laser processing systems in office premises.

Technical characteristics:


Max. airflow: 500 m³/h
Max. vacuum: 3 000 Pa
Nominal capacity: 0-500 m³/h (adjustable)
Energy consumption: 220 V
Power consumption: 500 W
Dimenstions: 670 x 630 x 1120 mm
Weight: 150 kg

Scope of delivery:

NEVA 500 autonomous air exhaust and purification unit

Contains intechangeable filters:
  spark arresting pre-filter;
  PTFE membrane pocket filter, F8 purity class;
  refillable carbon filter;
  intermediate filter made of reticulated foam;
  cartridge filter, HEPA class 13

Connecting hose (2 m)

autonomous air exhaust and purification systems

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