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Z-axis electric drive

The Z-axis electric drive allows you to automatically move the marking head vertically, which is useful for marking surfaces with variable heights and for automating the focusing process.


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The movement of the marking head is controlled by the MaxiGraf software. Using the Z-axis electric drive allows to:

  • focus on the surface of the workpiece
  • set the change in the position of the marking head along the Z axis for deep engraving and processing of workpieces with variable height
  • automatically focus on various workpieces using pre-stored height data

If, in addition to the Z axis electric drive, the system is equipped with an autofocus sensor, the marking process will be even more automated. In that case, to find the focus, the operator only needs to click the Autofocus icon in the control software.

Video with marking head travel along Z axis


Laser system with the option of Z axis electric drive

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