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Video cameras

Modern laser processing requires continuous monitoring and feedback. Industrial video cameras are used to solve three types of tasks in this regard:

  • Process monitoring
  • Correcting the processing job for the position of the workpiece
  • Recognition and reading of marked barcodes

Process monitoring

The video camera allows to monitor the processing in real time.

This function is useful when the processing takes place inside a closed cabin, or the operator's access to the processing area is hindered.

Using the macro lenses the operator can control the process under high magnification.

Correcting the processing job to the position of the workpiece

There are two methods of such referencing:

  • Manual - the operator manually matches the processing job in the Maxigraf with the image of the workpiece broadcast by the video camera. The operator evaluates the position of the marking themselves.
  • Automatic (machine vision) - Maxigraf software, having received an image from a video camera, recognizes the workpiece, determines its size and position and selects the relevant marking program. The image to be marked is positioned in the right place of the workpiece. The operator starts the processing.
Recognition and reading of barcodes

The video camera can function as a 2D-code and barcode scanner. This way is can automatically read the barcodes marked on the workpiece by the laser.

Automatic reading of barcodes allows to:

  • Evaluate the quality of barcode marking in real time. The system will only be able to read a correct code.
  • Integrate the system into a database. Information about the code is added to the database immediately after marking.
  • Visualize the content of the barcode to the operator. The content of the barcode is displayed on the PC screen.

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