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MaxiGraf control software

Features fuctions of graphic editors and supports all common raster and vector image formats

MaxiGraf is is an easy-to-use software for complex manufacturing tasks that manages the processes of laser marking, engraving, micromachining, welding and 3D processing in our systems. The software was created using our 15 year long experience in development and commissioning of more than 2500 laser processing systems. 

Unique features

  • Features fuctions of graphic editors and supports all common raster and vector image formats
  • Allows to select processing parameters and gives full control over the processing
  • Allows automatic serialization, continuous numbering and works with external data
  • WYSIWYG - the visualization closely approximates the final result

Sharing a common language

MaxiGraf is a Russian software developed jointly with the Skolkovo Innovation Center, it is fully in Russian and has a user-friendly interface. You can always adapt MaxiGraf to the required tasks and create personal settings or custom libraries for your materials.

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российское ПО, разработанное в ЦНИИ Skolkovo

Ease of use

MaxiGraf is capable of working with peripherals, can synchronize with other software and be adapted for working in the production line.

The capabilities of laser processing systems can be expanded by adding options that are controlled through MaxiGraf, such as:

  • Autofocus sensor
  • Video camera for determining the position and geometric dimensions of the workpiece
  • Focus assist laser

Expand your laser syste,

MaxiGraf supports adding new devices to the existing system, such as:

  • Coordinate tables for working with large workpieces
  • Lenses with various processing fields
  • Rotators for processing of cylindrical parts
  • Rotary tables and feeders

MaxiGraf-Cube special control software

The software includes a MaxiGraf visual editor for laser processing (for laser marking systems of the MiniMarker 2 and TurboMarker series), a LaserBarking utility for selecting and editing laser-erosion processing algorithms (for the TurboForma series), a 3D Viewer utility for visualizing the breakdown of an STL model into layers and controlling of their processing parameters. The material library for this software is adapted to the processing of die steels, brass, copper and silver.

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Features of MaxiGraf

Variable information
Working with MaxiGraf
Selection of laser processing parameters
Graphics and script

Systems with MaxiGraf software

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