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ColorIt software allows to apply a color or "holographic" image to the surface of metals.

Wear-resistant colored images are applied without paints or consumables. The color is created by forming oxide nanofilms on the metal surface when it is heated by the laser beam.

Features of ColorIt

  • splitting color images into color layers and automatically assigning specific laser processing parameters from a database of pre-designed palettes to each layer;
  • calibration of marking parameters, addition of new colors and corresponding laser parameters;
  • marking of counterfeit protection symbols on the metal surface.

разбивка цветных изображений на цветовые слои

Creation of a unique design on VIP products

Scope of application: production of watches, jewelry, premium products, business gifts, etc.

The technology allows to mark a wear-resistant unique colored image with a personalized design to metallic surfaces with a laser beam.

Marking and coloring of medical devices and items

Scope of application: production of medical instruments, implants and prostheses.

ColorIt allows to apply biocompatible color marking to identify products and protect them from falsification without any paints or pigments, using noninvasive treatment of the material.

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Marking of souvenirs

Scope of application: advertising and souvenir production.

Color marking technology allows to mark images without the use of consumables in a single technological process.

Patent protection and compatilibity of ColorIt

Certificate of state registration of the computer software No. 2017612860 dated 03.03.2017 "ColorIt - software for automating the technology of laser marking of metals"

ColorIt software was developed to work with the laser systems of Laser Center LLC and is fully compatible with both MaxiGraf and SinMARK software.

Video of working with Colorit

Video about the work process and features of ColorIt software:

  • Scope of application
  • Marked materials

Applications of ColorIt software

Systems with ColorIt software

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