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F-Theta lenses


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Choosing the lens

Our marking and engraving systems are equipped with special F-Theta lenses. 

We offer a wide range of lenses to suit a similarly wide range of applications.

  • For standard laser systems with fiber laser sources (wavelength of 1064 nm), Laser Center supplies lenses with field sizes from 50x50 to 280x280 mm
  •  For CO2 lasers (wavelength of 10.6 µm), Laser Center supplies lenses with field sizes from 100x100 to 300x300 mm

Our lenses are easily removable and interchangeable: you can change the marking field in seconds by effortlessly replacing one lens with another.

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We design and manufactures the lenses in such a way that they provide the best quality of the laser beam over the entire marking field.

This improves the accuracy and performance of our systems.

If a standard F-Theta lens is not enough for you, our experts will develop a lens for your task specifically .

We recommend that you consult our experts to choose the correct lens.

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Production of F-Theta lenses for our laser systems


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