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High-precision laser cutting system

The RX-150 system is designed for high-precision cutting of metals and semiconductors.

The system works with any metals and alloys up to 3 mm thick.

  • Unique technologies for high-precision processing (cutting, piercing) of thin materials
  • Reliability and minimal operating costs
  • High quality and flexible technology of cutting

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High precision

A high-precision travel system allows to punch holes with a diameter of 20 microns and create bridges with a width of 50 microns.

15 years - 4000 machines

Well-tuned design, multifunctional software, time-tested components guarantee long-term uninterrupted operation of equipment even under heavy conditions.

IPG Laser emitter
Laser resource - 100,000 hours

The fiber laser sources have a great resource, do not require maintenance, and do not have consumables.

System layout options


Components and options for RX-150

Granite base
Video monitoring system
Rotary devices
Air exhaust systems
Additional equipment

FluentCut software

FluentCut software allows the operator to prepare jobs for cutting, control the system in the process of cutting, and launch tests during setup.

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