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Autofocus system for LC 150 QCW processing head

The system provides "tracking" of the surface being processed to ensure that the laser beam is focus on the workpiece during cutting. It uses the capacitive sensor principle. The electric capacitance is measured in the space between the metal nozzle of the head and the metal workpiece, the value changes with the change in the distance. Thus, it becomes possible to adjust the position of the processing head along the Z axis, tracking the irregularities of the surface.


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Working with the system equpped with autofocus function:

  1. The autofocus system must be calibrated before use.
  2. Next, the operator sets the required distance between the workpiece and the processing head.
  3. After that, the cutting process starts. The system will maintain a constant focal distance to the workpiece.

Limits of application:

  • The system is not suitable for cutting non-metal materials.
  • The system is not suitable for cutting materials thinner than 300 microns.
  • The system is not suitable for cutting processes where the cut out parts interfere with the operation of the capacitive sensor.

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