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Souvenir industry

Laser engraving using MiniMarker 2 laser machine allows to create durable images in seconds

Laser engraving makes familiar souvenirs and gifts interesting and truly special. The name of the owner, a touching wish or an attractive drawing make the items original and unique.

For any company, marking a logo, website address or other corporate attributes on a souvenir with a  laser is an opportunity to strengthen the brand and increase its recognition.

Laser engraving using MiniMarker 2 laser machine allows to create durable images in seconds, which makes it different from all other application methods.

Laser engraving of souvenirs, gifts and awards

Laser machine for the souvenir industry

Laser Marking of souvenirs, gifts and awards

The unique laser technology for marking a color image to metal has brought the decorative processing of metals to a new level. Now it is possible to apply an image without using coloring agents or damaging the metal surface.

Color laser marking technology is fast and simple, which opens up many new opportunities in the industry.

Manufacturing decorations

Laser cutting has become a standard in the souvenir industry and has opened up new possibilities for unleashing creativity in the arts and crafts.

Laser cutting is characterised by high precision, an extensive list of processed materials, and ability to perform jobs of any complexity. With laser cutting, the operator can bring any creative ideas to life and create truly unique items without any technological restrictions.

The laser cutting technology in our systems allows the customer to be flexible in planning both mass and single-piece production.

Engraving mobile devices

Laser engraving on a smartphone, tablet or laptop emphasizes the personality of the owner and, of course, always creates a good mood, since we all deal with these gadgets every day.

A laser can mark absolutely anything: any picture, photo, ornament, landscape or just an inscription.

The laser engraving technology in our laser systems is delicate. The marking process does not affect the operation of the device, but only makes it personalized and interesting.

We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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