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Medical Industry

Laser machines and options for laser processing of medical instruments from various types of metals and alloys.

Laser Center offers ready-made solutions of laser machines and options for laser processing of medical instruments from various types of metals and alloys.

Russian and foreign quality standards impose high requirements on the products used in medical industry. Their resistance to corrosion and the roughness of their surface should stay the same for the whole duration of use.

Due to the special environment where medical devices are used, there are special requirements for their accuracy, safety, smoothness, sanitary conditions, etc.

Surface treatment is the most basic requirement for medical devices, and production efficiency can be greatly increased if the surface polishing is minimized. 


Laser marking of medical applicances

The marking applied by MiniMarker 2 laser marking system to medical instruments meets all the related quality requirements.

Laser marking allows applying any information: branding, identification codes and other data.

Laser marking of a medical instruments with MiniMarker 2 laser marking system provides high image clarity, durability, and does not cause deformation of the product.

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Laser welding

Welding is often used to connect metal parts during manufacture of medical devices, instruments and implants.

Traditionally, argon arc welding, also known as TIG welding, is used for these purposes. However, TIG welding can produce undesirable results, especially when it comes to welding thin metals or when a small penetration depth (up to 1 mm) is required.

In many cases, laser welding offers an attractive alternative to lower production costs and improve product quality.

Photon-Compact laser welding system can be used to weld medical instruments both in manual and automatic modes.

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Laser cutting

For processing of medical equipment, the traditional mechanical sheet metal cutting is lacking in accuracy, safety and controllability, while laser cutting in turn meets all these requirements..

The RX-150 laser cutting system solves the problem of manufacturing vascular stents. Cutting quality and productivity are at a level that allows it to confidently compete with foreign counterparts.

The features of the RX-150 laser system allowed the specialists of the Laser Center to develop technologies for high-precision laser cutting of a wide range of materials, including nitinol and titanium, used in medicine.

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Laser surface structuring

The technology of laser formation of a biocompatible surface morphology of titanium dental implants, developed jointly with scientists from ITMO University and specialists from the Lenmiriot plant, creates a hydrophilic surface structure that has both micro- and nanorelief.

Laser structuring on the surface of titanium dental implants with the MiniMarker 2 laser machine can create super-hydrophilic micro- and nanoscale reliefs. The step between dimpled structures was 50 µm, the step between grooves was 30 µm.

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