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Jewelry Industry

Today high-speed cutting, 3D laser erosion processing, marking of images, names and logos and other technologies are firmly a part of the technological process of jewelry manufacturing.

Laser Center works in close cooperation with jewelry factories and takes their requirements into consideration to create laser systems with relevant features and of high quality. Our systems allows jewelry factories to create products with an original design and of low cost.

Marking of jewelry

With laser marking, engraving and cutting technologies silver and gold pendants and rings are transformed and become unique.

An expressive ornament or pattern add originality and beauty, which is so important for a piece of jewelry.

The name of the owner, initials, or religious symbols can make your favorite piece of jewelry personalized.

Engraving of text and images is done using a MiniMarker 2 laser system, which does not have any mechanical effect on jewelry.

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Artistic cutting of gold and silver

The new laser cutting technology allows to cut exclusive jewelry out of gold and silver sheets without the need for additional surface treatment, while keeping the loss of precious materials minimal.

With laser cutting, you can bring any creative ideas to life and create truly unique and compelling items without any technological restrictions.

Laser cutting technology allows for a versatile approach to planning the release of items for both large-scale and make-to-order production.

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3D laser erosion processing of dies and molds

Laser Center has developed a new unique technology of 3D laser erosion processing (LaserBarking). It became possible to combine high details and surface quality during processing. The result is a glossy surface that does not require manual polishing.

The laser erosion processing is performed without consumables and wearing materials, which significantly reduces the production cost.

The technology is used both for the manufacture of dies and punches of any hardness, and for creation of finished products of single and serial production.

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3D laser erosion processing of products

3D laser erosion processing is rapidly gaining popularity due to its wide range of applications, precision image quality, high productivity and flexibility. In many cases, 3D laser erosion processing is superior in productivity and quality to other technologies - electroerosion, milling and electrochemical.

Such processing is performed using a special technology of step-by-step removal of the thinnest layers of material with a focused laser beam, which is positioned in the desired spot of the item with micron precision.

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Laser systems for the jewelry industry

Recent jewelry exhibitions Laser Center took part in

Jewelry exhibitions are an excellent platform for networking with industry professionals.

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