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Laser Center | Laser machines from Russia.

Educational and Training Institutions

Being the leading manufacturer of laser processing systems, Laser Center is actively pariticpating in development of Laser technologies field in Russian educational domain.

Lasers for children's development

Laser engraving and cutting systems are the backbone of any technical laboratory.

Students have the opportunity not only to master laser equipment and technologies, but also to quickly produce items for their projects in auto and ship modeling, robotics, design, etc.

Lasers in competitions and movements

Modern industry is uncompetitive without the latest laser technologies. Production of any electronic device requires laser technologies for material processing, measurement, control, etc.

The championships in laser technologies among teens play an important role in the development of competence in laser technology.

The Laser Center is actively helping to organize competitions in this field of study. Maxim Ustinov from College of Communications No. 54 named after P.M. Vostrukhin in Russia became the champion of WorldSkills World Championship in Kazan in 2019. New competitions and new horizons are ahead!

Skills in laser technology are advantageous

In industrially developed countries, every fourth machine produced today is a laser system.

In many industries, laser systems have replaced other outdated options.

Experts say that the next 30 years, laser processing will be the leading method of material treatment.

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Advanced equipment sets

We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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