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Manufacturing code disks

Miniature code discs are used as modulators in photoelectric converters designed to determine the angular coordinates of objects in measuring instruments with digital control systems. Such products are manufactured using precision laser cutting technology with micron tolerances.

Specialists of the Laser Center have developed laser systems and technologies for precision cutting in fine mechanics. The RX laser system allows processing brass discs with a thickness of 0.2 mm and a minimum window width of 80 µm.

Examples of produced code disks

Laser system for this task:

RX-150 precision laser cutting system with a fiber laser source

The RX-150 precision laser cutting system is designed for high precision cutting of metals and semiconductors and works with any metals and alloys up to 4 mm thick.

More information about the RX-150 precision laser cutting system

RX-150 precision laser cutting system with a fiber laser source

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