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Contrasting marking of metals

Laser marking is the best way to apply any information (logo, text, barcode, continuous numbers, current time and date, etc.), both for technical reasons (marking process is quick and non-invasive, the image is durable), and because it simply looks attractive on the surface of the product.

Laser marking is the most modern and reliable way of protection against forgery.

MiniMarker2 and TurboMarker systems guarantee the clarity, high contrast and durability of laser markings and engravings on metal. Our experts will design the optimal processing parameters for your production line to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

Systems for marking pure metals

Engraving of tools and metal products

Videos of laser engraving of pure metal

Other applications of metal marking and engraving

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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