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Engraving in compliance with GOST

Laser systems of the Laser Center can engrave texts and symbols in accordance with the requirements of GOST 26.008-85.

This standard determines not only the style of characters, but also the angle of their profile inclination for deep engraving.

MaxiGraf software has a special function that allows to automatically create inscriptions in accordance with the requirements of this standard, and laser systems can perform fast and accurate engraving on products of any size and shape. The resulting inscriptions are then manually filled in with paint.

The laser engraving technology developed by the Laser Center is highly productive, precise, repeatabe, doesn't require any consumables or auxiliary equipment, all of which gives it advantage over mechanical milling.

For automatic processing of large-sized products (units and instrument panels, control boards), laser systems can be equipped with additional axes and portal travel systems.

Laser systems, recommended for engraving in compliance with GOST

Samples of laser engraving in compliance with GOST 26.008-85 of control panels to be subsequently filled with paint

Aluminum plates engraving samples (text, graphics, QR codes)

Russian State Standard (GOST) requires the engraving to be done with a given angle of inclination of the letters' profile.

  • Using the technology of the Laser Center, the laser beam can create letters, numbers, symbols and other special inscriptions in compliance with GOST 26.008-85.
  • Laser engraving technology allows to effectively mark inscriptions on various materials.


The fonts that comply with GOST 26.008-85 are also used in the modern drawings. 

With our technology the Customer can use modern laser engraving instead of the outdated manual and mechanical methods. 

MiniMarker 2 and TurboMarker laser systems provide high accuracy of engraving and do not require consumables.

Videos of engraving in compliance with GOST and 3d engraving

Engraving in compliance with GOST on cylindrical parts using a rotary device

Miniature engravings for stamping:

Engraving depth - 0.5 mm, wall thickness - 0.1 mm. Depth of an engraving on a form - 0,2 mm.

3D engraving of symbols and alphanumeric information on a relief block for transferring paint to the surface of electronic device cases

Comparison of impact and laser engraving of random symbols

Сравнение ударной и лазерной гравировки

deep engraving on steel - 0.6mm depth / 20 min.

deep engraving on aluminum - 0.6mm depth / 10 min.

Other deep engraving applications:

серый фон

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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