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Deep engraving

The fiber laser systems of Laser Center are successfully used for considerably deep engraving of metal. During this kind of processing, the products are not overheated, they keep their shape and original characteristics.

The technologies developed by Laser Center allow to quickly produce stamps, dies, molds from instruments steels and make deep engravings on any parts and units.

The process of deep laser engraving is flexible and precise, requires no consumables or auxiliary equipment, which makes it preferable over mechanical engraving.

Systems for deep engraving of metals

Examples of deep engraving performed with standard MiniMarker2 and TurboMarker systems

Videos of deep engraving performed with MiniMarker 2 and TurboMarker systems

R&D and integration of laser systems

Optimization of technologies

Optimization of software

Development of designs according to specifications

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We have been producing laser equipment in St. Petersburg since 2004
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